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Born in 1942 in Santiago of Chile Architect (1965) and Master in Urban Planning (1968) both earned with “Maximum Distinction” at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He later completed advanced studies in the U.S., England and Japan. He won scholarships by the P. Catholic University of Chile (1967), the Ford Foundation (1969-71), the Social Science Research Council (1975) and the Guggenheim Foundation (1983). He has won 72 awards and honorable mentions in different Competitions and Architecture Biennales, such as the First Prize at the Chilean Architectural Biennale (1979 and 1995), the First Latin-American Award to the Young Generation at the VII Buenos Aires Biennale (1998). Latin-American Vitruvius Award (2000), Gold Medal Award at the III Architecture Biennale of Miami Beach (USA, 2005). In 2009 he receives the AOA Great Prize, given by the Association of Architecture Studios of Chile (Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectura). That same year the Latin-American Architectural Schools Union (UDEFAL) declare him as the Most Influential Architect in Sustainable Architecture throughout Latin America and is awarded the Bicentennial Award for the Consorcio-Santiago Building (with Borja Huidobro). In 2010 he is awarded the National Prize in Architecture. In 2011 he is awarded the Avonni National Prize for Innovation (Chile). In 2014, he obtained the First Prize in the First Latinamerican Biennale of Landscape Architecture (Mexico). He has participated as member of the Jury in 76 national and international competitions. He is the author of 5 books about architecture and urbanism. He has written 69 papers on these subjects for international magazines. His work has been published in 3 monographic volumes and 316 times in several publications throughout Latin America, U.S.A. and Europe. He has offered 136 lectures, more than half of them abroad.