__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ERRAZUTIZ BUILDING (2015) VIDEOS IMAGES DRAWINGS TEXTS
Location: Valparaíso, Chile Date: 2014 - Surface: 10.800 mts State: Proyect Architects: Enrique Browne and Tomas Swett Collaborator: Gabriel Diaz R. Client: : Servicios Ultracorp Ltda The project responds to a change in Valparaiso Building program and to an increase of the office space. However it’s maintains the free floorspaces and the parking space. As the initial project, it is located in a"buffer" area between the World Heritage area of Valparaiso's historic center and the rest of the city. This conditions the project at its height, massing, proportions and rhythms facade, seeking to harmonize with the existing environment. The square corresponds to a landfill reclaimed from the sea centuries ago. The water is just a few meters from the surface. Therefore, to accommodate all requested was necessary to place some parking on the first level, forming a socket. This is consistent with the old buildings in the sector. Moreover the four sides of the body built relatively similar, with double skin green copper, which was drilled with windows to resemble the way neighboring buildings were treated. Vain of larger scale penetrate the skin, such as access that fits with the passage of the Astoreca Building. You climb the stairs to the central circular hall and then continue to a diagonal entry Errazuriz Ave. which descends toward the sea. At the top floor, there are three large windows with balconies facing privileged context distant points: the port, the horizon and the hills. These large openings were directly connected in the beginning with the central atrium of light and ventilation, but were cut short by economy. The building tops with an orthogonal dining room (top from the heritage building annexed) which extends with large terraces to admire the scenery and regular events in Valparaiso.