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COMPETITION FACULTY OF PHYSICAL AND MATH (FCFM) OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHILE Location: Between AvenidasBlanco Encalada, Club Hípico,Tupper y Beauchef. Architect : Enrique Browne Partnership Architects: TomásSwett, DavorPavlovic, Paulina Fernández, NicolásSaieh. Models: Tomás Swett, DavorPavlovic, Paulina Fernández, NicolásSaieh Land area: 7246 m2. Built area: 40263 m2. Project year: 2007 The competition consisted in enlarging an Universidad de Chile campus in a city in front of the current Campus. Our proposal contemplated the underground connection to the existing Campus,The clients ask the task of creating a recognizable image even the Regulations and above all, the different academic and student demands. Amongst these, that the units were recognizable entities. Likewise there were two ways to distribute the program. One was to highlight the identity of the Academic Units in floor plan. The other was to distinguish the Units in elevation, which offers more spacious and flexible floor plans. The last option was chosen. It was decided to continue with the structure of the existing Campus, which is, to locate long buildings that outline the campus and open towards the O'Higgins Park to the southeast of the site. Towards existing campus a building was proposed to re-group the Administrations. In the wing that is in front of the Club Hípico Street, the Student Service Building and the sports courts were placed. Towards the north side the existing Computing Building remains, having its entrance and facade changed to harmonize with the rest. Given this scheme in a perimeter “U”, the Academic Units are united passing through the centre of the city-block by means of “ribbons” that intertwine the Department’s wings with the Student’s wings. These sinuous ribbons, some of them supporting the lower patio and others in cantilever, create surprising and pleasant exterior spaces the project has free and flexible floor plans, with a great variety of routes and views. The city-block has four accesses, one from each street. The superimposition of the ribbons provides quiet green areas to the academics in the different roofs. Meanwhile the students occupy as leisure area the roof of the sports building and the patios at the -3mt level. The complex has great concern for the environment and the renewable energies. It would have solar panels would be protected on its sun exposed faces with a “double green skin”, of proven good environmental, economic and aesthetic results. The project has 9020 sq. mts. of green horizontal and vertical areas, in other words, a 106% in respect to the site of the competition. The floor plan of the complex can have many different and varied interpretations. From electronic circuits, to highway connections.In any case, the project speaks of a world of interrelations, communications and movement. But emphasises on the interactions of these technologies with nature, the combination of the constructed with vegetation.