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“NEW LAS CONDES BUILDINGS” COMPETITION (2006) Location: Presidente Riesco Avenue, in front of Parque Araucano Architect: Enrique Browne C. Collaborator Architects: Roberto Gutiérrez, Juan Ignacio Cerda, Davor Pavlovic, Cristián Larraín. Site area: 3.979 sq. mt Construction area: 35.992 sq. mt “New Las Condes”, in eastern Santiago de Chile, and was planned as a whole. The emptiness between the constructions are pedestrian public spaces and not residual spaces. The cohesive space is an internal boulevard. This, together with the tree-lined sidewalks of Presidente Riesco Avenue and the Araucano Park, form three parallel green fringes. It was necessary to interconnect them. In turn, to relate the boulevard with the exterior streets of the block. Likewise, the east and west ends of the boulevard were emphasized with access plazas. In turn a new north-south perpendicular axis with water fountains was created. This ends in two other access plazas. The access or North Gate comprehends two buildings inverted. These Gate-Buildings arise like large trees, announcing from a distance the existence of the Araucano Park and the boulevard. Its leaves would be the real trees that cover the East – North and West facades, that will be semi-covered by deciduous trees, forming a “double green skin”. Its image would be multicoloured in spring, green in Summer and yellow with red in autum, creating a type of screen that delivers more air to the entry of the boulevard. The before mentioned also benefits the back buildings, reducing their second line situation. In turn, they interrupt the certain monotony of the glazing constructions that exists. The Gate-Buildings opens up towards the sides with more sun and with better views. Their “double green skin” regulates the solar conditions (heat, U.V. rays, glaring etc.) with great energy savings. On its shaded South side, the service nucleus and vertical circulations are located. These are inside a hard body, decreasing the heat losses. However, the corners are left open with views to the boulevard. The structure of the buildings would have a certain twisting while being submitted to horizontal loads, given the eccentric location of the nucleus. This is balanced by the triangulation of the perimeter structure on the East – North- West.