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ENLARGEMENT PIONEER OFFICES (2007-09) Architect: Enrique Browne Collaborator Architect: Tomás Swett, Paulina Fernández, Davor Pavlovic Location: Gran Avenida, 1621, Paine, Chile Site area: 10,76 Hás Constructed area: 1.189 sqm Enlargement the Pioneer Offices in Paine was a pleasant assignment for our professional practice, since the functionality and good environmental behavior had already been proven with the first building. The first building had been semi-submerged in grassy platforms, metaphorically alluding to the growth of seeds, whose drying and international distribution was carried out from the large plant located in this very same site, one hour south of Santiago, Chile. In 2007 the company decided to move all its staff to the before-mentioned location although it was installed in a modern building in the most expensive area of the city. The original construction considered a linear park of approximately 700 meters in length, giving a green character to the view from the adjacent road, with the offices inserted in two parallel wings at the back. Our simple linear park design was changed with the incorporation of an angled interior street, crossing the linear park, and by the planting of trees in a random manner. As such, we decided to privilege the growth of the wing beside the road, with which would be achieved a better presence and acoustical insulation from the rural road. The existent entrance was maintained, but the new wing became narrower and widens successfully to avoid monotony. In turn, small interior patios with trees, interrupt and cheer-up the closed façade towards the road. The building ends in the staff lounge and in an exterior terrace in between the grass and the trees.