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“TREE TABLE” It is a wooded outdoor table for 6 people, which can extended with intermediate modules to reach 12, 18 or more people. The furniture forestation replaces the umbrellas that deteriorate with the sun and the rain. Moreover mark the seasons with possible flowers and fruits. The modules of the various versions of the "Tree Table have two parts essential: a base-bearing structure comprising a container for the tree cover, and; an upper board. The supporting structure of the modules has its inclined legs out, so as to ensure the stability of top board at their ends. Meanwhile, the central modules have only vertical legs. The soil container is a shaped trapezoidal prism, which is attached at 4 flown legs and beams (or nerves) that hold the boards. These beams also serve to manually move the container with the soil and the tree. Therefore, all modules have their own shadow table vegetable. Each trapezoidal container is internally coated by fiber layers glass to ensure tightness. Then the container is filled with soil vegetable. After the tree is planted the earth is covered with pieces bark, for better and cleaner presentation. If the structural basis gripping rises joists, it is easily transportable by two persons. All elements of the table (both its structure and its board) are plates made of 18 mm plywood and united in its parts and monolithic plugs only by cold glue. The various parts of each module are sized according to the markings, which are an integral part of this memory.